Monday, February 20, 2006

2006 Feb 20th Ride - Berryessa

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Presidents' Day Ride from the Jelly Belly to Calistoga via Lake Berryessa. There were four of us meeting at the Jelly Belly this morning around 11:20 AM. Jim E. and I rode together from Rio Vista. Darcy S. was early and was having coffee at the Jelly Belly Cafe. He wandered over just as I was hanging up my cell phone as I had gotten Darcy's voice mail. Tiny was shopping in the Factory.

We head out past Mankas Corners to Suisun Valley Road. A nice twisty road that gets us to a very dangerous intersection at Hwy 121. Suisun Valley Road hits Hwy 121 in the middle of a downhill switch back. Off along Hwy 121 to Moskowite Corners we go. There is not a straight away on this section of Hwy 121. We take a short break at the Corners, which is a good place to meet for Rides.

From the Corners we head along Lake Berryessa then back inland. We wander the back roads back to Hwy 128 to the Silverado Trail. We take that road to Calistoga and Lunch at Buster's Southern BBQ.

The Ride was under bright, sunny skies. The temperature was in the low 50's, but everyone had enough clothes on to feel comfortable. All in all it was a nice day to ride.

A nice meal at Buster's especailly since everyone was really hungry.

Jim has lost a bolt to the rack that holds his top box. Darcy spots an extra two bolts at the bottom of Jim's license plate frame. So Jim has some temporary hardware.

After lunch we head back to ride the Silverado Trail in the other direction. This time we take it all the way to Napa. We are heading home. Tiny leaves us where Hwy 12 heads east as he continues south on Hwy 29 to Vallejo and home to Pinole.

Jim, Darcy and I take Hwy 12 to Suisun City and the Chevron station to fill up before heading home. I have put on 132 miles from the time that I had topped off at the Chevron Station directly on the other side of Hwy 12 earlier in the day. So I put on 232 miles total today. At Rio Vista Jim leaves us and at Hwy 160 just over the Rio Vista Bridge, Darcy takes off to Antioch on Hwy 160 and I continue to Stockton on Hwy 12.

I get home just after 5:00 PM. And I had left home at 10:00 AM. A nice full Winter day.

Don Inamasu
VROC #5569
Stockton, CA


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