Saturday, May 20, 2006

2006 May 20 Ride

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text and photos by Dale Hinckley aka Prune Dale:

I was happy the weather gods cooperated and at least a few of the norcal vrocers made it to Hollister. I felt like I knew Don, Gar and Top Dawg right off the bat, which goes to show that if you have bikes in common, everything else comes naturally. Top Dawg set a brisk pace down 25 southbound out of Hollister at 80+, and though I know the CHP lurks down there to award certificates of achievement, I felt obliged to keep up. The day was glorious, Highway 25 pretty empty - a benefit of high gas prices I suppose - and we rolled through pastureland and charged a few of the bends with only longhorn cattle to appreciate the show.

Too bad Don had to split at King City, but he'd done the ride a few weeks before and had ridden 110 miles or so just to get to Hollister, so TD, Gar and I headed over Jolon Road to Hunter-Liggett. Beautiful meadows, oak groves and streams, a few boot-camp obstacle course sitting under the trees. Nacimiento-Ferguson road was great, a roller-coaster through the trees. Stopped for a few pics.

Then down to meet the coast at Lucia. I didn't remember the Lucia Lodge - though I used to spend a lot of time in Big Sur - with rooms perched on the cliffs above the ocean. Gotta book one sometime. Anyway, met occasional fog as we headed up (mostly deserted) Hwy 1, had a great burger and the best seasoned fries at Fernwood. Top Dawg announced it was naptime afterward.

But he then took off like a bat outta hell and disappeared up 1, and when Gar and I got to the rendezvous gas stop at Rio Rd. in Carmel, no Dawg in evidence. Checked another gas station: no Dawg. A German guy in a chef's uniform came over to ask a lot of questions about the Vulcan. He liked water cooling; he liked four valves and overhead cams; he liked shaft drive. He asked how much; I told him and he announced "I am ready now." So watch for Germans on Vulcans. Gar and I headed north, split at 1/156, he to Santa Cruz, me to Prunedale. Great ride.

********************** Now for a few words from Gar ******************

text and photos by Ed Gilbert aka Gar:

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Yep, we had a great ride. The roads were great, weather pert near perfect, and the riding superb.

We only hit about 5 miles of fog, which is good for the Big Sur coast.
Great lunch at Fernwood, and a pretty speedy ride back, in which TD just

Ride Safe,


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